Dayatva's All Ahmedabad Talent Search Examination - 2020

DAATSE - 2020

Dayatva, the social initiative of IITRAM, has been continuously working towards our vision to benefit the lesser privileged yet talented children, to the largest extent possible. In the year 2019, taking a step further towards our vision Dayatva conducted its first Dayatva All Ahmedabad Talent Search Examination in around 10 schools in the nearby locality with strength of about 800 students appearing in the examination from class 8. The first experience of DAATSE gave us an opportunity to prove our calibre. Nothing is impossible when you work with a good will. Team Dayatva proved this by conducting DAATSE 2020 and that too on a much larger scale than the previous one. This time it was conducted in about 30 schools of Ahmedabad, reaching out to a total strength of about 2500 students of class 7 and 8. With a huge team of Dayatva members and volunteers, this examination has been a huge success, aiming to benefit all those students who appeared in this examination. The exam for both class 7 and 8 was for 100 mark to be completed in 90 minutes. Top 15% of the students who cleared the cut off were selected.

This time DAATSE happened on a 3 times larger scale, next time it would happen on an even bigger scale. This is how Dayatva will raise and will spread its message – “Be the change you want to see!!”

Sno. School Name Sno. School Name
1. Amraiwadi Shada No.1 15. Rajpur Shada No.9
2. Amraiwadi Shada No.7 16. Rajpur Shada No.11
3. Amraiwadi Shada No.11 17. Rajpur Shada No.17
4. Amraiwadi Shada No.13 18. Gomtipur Shada No.2
5. Amraiwadi Shada No.16 19. Gomtipur Shada No.4
6. Khokhra Shada No.2 20. Gomtipur Shada No.6
7. Khokhra Shada No.4 21. Kankaria Shada No.1
8. Khokhra Shada No.12 22. Kankaria Shada No.8
9. Maninagar Shada No.1 23. Kankaria Shada No.9
10. Maninagar Shada No.4 24. Shri Saraswati Mandir High School
11. Maninagar Shada No.6 25. Gurukripa School
12. Rajpur Shada No.1 26. Bright School
13. Rajpur Shada No.3 27. Angel Paradise School
14. Rajpur Shada No.8